Putting Spartanburg on the South Carolina map

Good morning friends!

As those of you from the Upstate and especially Spartanburg know, our city and county (particularly Downtown) is on the rise, with the new Marriott AC hotel as a large project leading the way.

We have also been a leader in both the Upstate region and in South Carolina itself.  We have had a lot of firsts over the last decade, including:

We’ve even had three first this year alone, with Spartanburg making its mark once again in SC as well as in other Upstate cities, including:

We will also have another first either later this year or early next year, as we open South Carolina’s first Poké restaurant, Pokenori (formerly Pokerrito) (a concept combining sushi with Hawaiian cuisine) – http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/new-restaurant-pokerrito-headed-downtown-spartanburg/.

Another first we will have is the first all-outdoor restaurant and beer garden in both the Upstate and South Carolina (and the first in both built from shipping containers) – FR8Yard.  This concept is already seeing success in Chicago and Dallas.

We LOVE where we live, because there’s only ONE!  #LoveWhereYouLive #OneSpartanburg

We’re very proud of our firsts, and couldn’t have had many of these happen without you. Thank you all very much for making Spartanburg a great place to live and visit! #VisitSpartanburg

UPDATE: For other great articles on our ONE and only Spartanburg, keep up-to-date with the latest issues of Business View online (or subscribe to the print version) – http://www.spartanburgchamber.com/businessview.



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